• Our apples ripen on the trees
    Our apples ripen on the trees

Apple trees as far as the eye can see

We have long lines of apple trees on 40 hectares of land and we grow a variety of apples, Lobo, Amorosa, Santana, Discovery, Rubinola, Zari and Jaspi among others. We start pruning the apple trees already in January and February. In the end of May and beginning of June the trees are in full bloom, and in the middle of August we usually start picking the early season apples. Harvesting lasts until the middle or the end of October.

Åland is Finland’s apple orchard

Many hours of sunshine and a long autumn make the climate favourable for apple cultivation. There are lots of apple trees growing in several villages and in the nice archipelago weather the apples ripen on trees. Jan Mattsson in Västanträsk village in Finström is one of Ålands many apple farmers. He manages and develops the farming traditions once introduced to the village. Each autumn a large crop of apples is handpicked from Grannas apple orchard, and some are pressed into tasty and natural apple juice.


Lobo is mild and juicy. It has its origins in Canada and blooms early to mid-season. Later on in the season a natural coat of wax develops on the red peel and makes the apples extra shiny.


Amorosa has a taste rich in flavour that is finely balanced. Related to Aroma, but has slightly prettier colour and form. Good to eat as is and also suitable for cooking.


Santana has its roots in Holland. Santana is a variety that most people allergic to apples can enjoy, since it contains only small amounts of the protein that some are allergic to. Full-bodied flavour with a touch of rose aroma.


Discovery is one of the early season apple varieties and the first one to be harvested. The apple is sweet with beautiful red colour and crispy fruit. It is suitable for apple mash and pies, but also very tasty to eat as is.


An apple with high vitamin-C content! It has a red top coat on luminous yellow base coat. The fruit is crispy and juicy. The apple is rich in taste, it is sweet with a little sourness to balance it.


Zari is a juicy and sweet apple variety with crispy consistency.


Jaspi is a Finnish apple variety. The fruit is crispy and white, and the taste is spicy and sour. It is an early autumn variety that has a thicker peel.