• 100% natural apple juice
    100% natural apple juice
  • We use wind energy
    We use wind energy

Apple juice in boxes and bottles

Grannas Äppel starts selling the high quality apples after the first crop in August and continues the sale to about six months onward. We have invested in modern storage facilities and have a special storage facility with low oxygen level to guarantee the best quality. Our freshly pressed juice with no additives has become a huge success. The juice is available in handy 3 litre box packages and in bottles.


100% äpple, inga tillsatser

100% apples, no additives

Don’t complicate things more than necessary. Sometimes nature does the best work. We pick the apples straight from the trees and press them into juice. Nothing else is required, no extra additives. These are sun-ripened apples in handy packages. We press our juice from a variety of apples and the taste varies according to the apples used and the season. To press 1 litre of juice we need approximately 2 kg of apples. An unopened package of our apple juice can be stored in room temperature. An open package will keep approximately two weeks in the refrigerator.

Shake the package before opening. The taste of the juice varies according to the apples used and the season.

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